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"We offer the opportunity to make an Impact"
SPL is a team of more than just highly skilled professionals. The team combines a proven track record and professional skills, woven together with a common culture of trust & caring.

SPL is made up of diverse teams of highly motivated people, with “can do” attitudes, who are committed to achieving outstanding results.

You can collaborate with, learn from and be coached by the very best people – supportive, approachable leaders and colleagues with great expertise across all areas of our business.

SPL offers its people freedom at work, unmatched leadership & the opportunity to grow at a rapid pace. It provides them challenging, interesting & motivating assignments which bring a sense of professional fulfillment.

The company encourages entrepreneurial skills thus, enabling and empowering employees to take appropriate risks. Employee participation is encouraged by inviting suggestions & opinions. This is coupled with competitive compensation & rewards and training through Core Development & Behavior Development Programmes, to enable them to unleash their full potential.

Today SPL is growing at a rapid pace. This growth necessitates greater investment in talent. If you have the passion to excel in your career, we at SPL provide you the right platform to translate your imagination to reality.

We have opportunities in various disciplines viz Technology, Engineering, Finance, IT, HR, Research, Sales, Marketing, Legal and many more. We invite you to be a part of this committed and professionally managed FIBC giant.

If you would like to work with us, please send your resume or contact us by filling this form and we will get back to you.