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  • 100% Recyclable

    All FIBCs are made from virgin polymers.
  • U/V Stabilization

    All components of the FIBCs are U/V stabilized to 150 KLY(test standard EN 1898-2000).
  • Food Grade

    As a standard procedure all FIBCs are made from food grade polymers approved under FBA:CFR Title 21,177,1520 Standards.
  • Fabrics

    Available in coated, uncoated and ventilated. Standard availability in white, but other colors on demand can be supplied subject to a minimum quantity.
  • Printing

    Up to 3 colors and up to 4 sides.
  • Sewing Types

    Normal and Dust-proof Sewing.
  • Sewing Thread/Webbing

    In various colors including blue, black, green and red. All colors defined by Pantone System.
  • Document Pockets

    In various sizes and materials including transparent PE, transparent PP and PVC. Also available in self closing type.
  • Lifting Loops

    Available in various styles, designs and colors.
  • Liners

    Normal, Bottle Shaped, Glued or Sewn.
  • Safe Working Load & Safety Factors

    SF 5:1 500 kgs - 2000 kgs
    SF 6:1 500 kgs - 1500 kgs
    SF 8:1 500 kgs - 1000 kgs
  • Certification

    All FIBCs covered by valid certification from Labordata, Germany.
  • Traceability

    Each FIBC can be traced back to the order no. and production date.
  • Dimensions

    Available in standard bases from 75 x 75 to 115 x 115 cms. And height from 75 cms to 200 cms. Other measures available on request.