FIBC Bags Manufacturer in India

The Flexible intermediate Bulk containers (FIBC), Jumbo bags or the Bulk bags are massive standardized containers that are used for storing, transporting and handling granular or dry materials. We are the leading FIBC bags manufacturer in India that offers economical and solid bags that are ideal for packing, storing and shipping bulk dry materials. These types of FIBC bags are manufactured by tubular or flat polypropylene woven material. The fabrics are either coated or non-coated and the weight varies depending on the Safe Working Load (SWL).

Why should you choose FIBC jumbo bags manufacturer in India?

As one of the largest cFIBC bags supplier in India we offer customized and tailor-made bulk bags to meet client’s specific requirements. The FIBC bulk bags can carry weight of almost 1000 times its weight.

The FIBC bags manufacturers in Gujarat, India designs these bags especially so they can be easily handled, transported and stored with their integrated lighting loops. Over the years our flexible yet cost-effective bulk bags have been used in various industries such as chemicals, fertilizers, construction, food products, plastics, seeds and other industries. We are one of the leading food grade plastic containers manufacturers that designs hygienic bags that are ideal for storing and transporting contamination-prone products such as pharmaceutical, food products and chemicals for animal and human consumption. Contact today for plastic polyethylene sheeting today!