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Sewing Patterns

There are five sewing patters available as standard option from the Simple Hirakles Stitch to the Super Dust Proof Sewing. The choice of the sewing pattern depends upon the nature of material, extent of protection desired and of course cost. Also, special stitching options can be produced on request.

  • Standard Bag
    Type A

    Standard Hirakles Stitch
  • Loops Sewn Inside
    Type B

    Standard Hirakles Stitch with Safety Stitch
  • Double Loops
    Type C

    Simple Side Dust-Proof Seam(Medium dust proofing protection)
  • Loops Sewn Inside
    Type D

    Double Side Dust-Proof Seam (Heavy dust proofing protection)
  • Parallel Loops
    Type E

    Double Side Dust-Proof Seam with a Dust Prevention Layer (For Super heavy dust proofing protection)