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Key Values As Cherished at Shankar Packagings Limited
We believe in value based existence and operations. We expect our teammates to imbibe and fully integrate their being with the values as narrated below. Value integration is the first step at SPL to get rooted and flourish further.
  • Customer Care & Commitment – high sensitivity towards customer needs, non compromising approach with respect to deliverables, earning credibility through performance
  • Result Orientation – Single minded focus on outcomes, overcoming all odds to reach the destination
  • Professional & Ethical Conduct – Offer value for the price tag, conduct business in ethical way, exhibiting highest standards of integrity
  • Respect for contribution – respect bias for action among teammates, nurture talents with demonstrated record of loyalty and affinity for the organization

HR Philosophy and Guiding Principles :
SPL’s HR philosophy and guiding principles are deeply rooted in its core values.
  • We firmly believe and are passionate about doing honorable work with integrity, following professional ethics of highest standards.
  • Our dealings with employees are based on the principle of reciprocity and mutuality. We deal with our employees as our teammates who bring competence and commitment and company provides them environment of trust and opportunities for mutual growth.
  • The principle of mutuality and reciprocity is also based on professionalism, where performance is demanded and offered instantly, where contributions are respected and recognised.
  • We constantly strive to enhance effectiveness of our teammates. Growth is therefore a way of life at SPL.
  • We reflect and nurture an achievement oriented, bias for action approach to work. We expect our employees to reflect the same. We do not restrict job scope and define boundaries. We strive offering opportunities to demonstrate teammates’ fullest potentials and capabilities.

For us customer priorities and deliverables are supreme. We expect that our team mates align our internal operations and processes matching customer needs so as to have continued meaningful partnership with them.